Visit to Auschwitz, Sighet, and other places to mourn my grandfather.

Damaged Visions (1991) 8:00

-Months after fall of iron curtain, a visit to eastern Europe to mourn my grandfather.

The Russians are Here (2016) 5:00

-Trump’s election and the reality of Russian interference.


The Nuts Got Loose and the Merry Go Round Broke Down (2016) 5:00

-War on language after 11/2016.  Recorded in Truth or Consequence, New Mexico with the game show soundtrack mixed with Looney Tunes theme song.


Fort Rosencrantz: The Noble Ideal (2019) 4:00

-A solemn landscape study of a massive military Cemetery in San Diego


The Rabbi in Berlin (2006) 10:00

-Story recorded in Berlin narrated by a ghost about a third exile from Israel.


The Israel Folder is Corrupt (2019) 5:00

-A nightmare about a third exile from Israel.


Under Fire (2011) 3:00

The geo-political subtext of the Beatles song We Can Work it Out.


Peace Wave 6:00

-Official video for Seattle Peace Band song written by Don Glenn.


Hot Stains

-War against the environment in the US with grim statistics.

Blue Swee (Some Thoughts about the Invasion of Grenada) (1984) 4:00

-Reagan’s war against Grenada is compared to policing in the Bronx.

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