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Hickenlooper for President

Hickenlooper for President

I wish I could sing about a happy ending

Love wins out, justice for all,

Broken hearts that are mending.

But I look around and see businesses failing

While an incompetent government

Fans hateful flames with its flailing.

If only someone like Hickenlooper would get into the race

Someone from the West

Who’s honest with authentic grace.

Maybe it’s not too late to bring the citizens together

Forging a common effort

To make the social fabric better.

Hickenlooper for president would be a wonderful thing

He’s thoughtful and progressive

With a sense of humor to soften a tax rise sting.

We need to get back to helping take care

Of folks who are financially or medically struggling

When it comes to children, how can we not share?

Sustainable solutions are what we need

Don’t forget, with Hickenlooper in charge

We can buy US homegrown weed.

The founding fathers knew It’s good for the U.S.

making people pain free and happy

Just like it says in the Good Book's Leviticus.

What we have as a government now clearly isn’t working

Truth, ethics, morality and language are being distorted

It has become clear that fascist tendencies are not just lurking.

So, the people of the US should not be hesitant

To vote for Hickenlooper as our next President.

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