Shalom Gorewitz

Examples of video art, films, essays, and documentaries created since 1972

"It's a vibrant and dynamic and efficient piece of work, and a fitting homage to Kenneth Anger. Talk about irony! There's at least a double meaning to the title, and the concept of what's it like "after anger"--what a perspective on these times might reveal after our anger has receded--is really intriguing. And I loved the soundtrack--I'm still crazy about the songs of sixties girl's groups, as well as surf guitar. I think it worked brilliantly with the bright colors and the speed of the editing. It was funny, but also satirical, richly commenting in a number of ways--cackling teenage music in the face of the Trumpian apocalypse, innocence in the face noxious adult behavior, the lemming-like song of the Magaists in the form of Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him."  That was really a funny sequence, with the men in black suits accompanying the metal-haired one through what looks like a coffin factory."

-David Katz, Poet, Journalist


Three short videos created after the 2016 presidential election.

The Nuts Got Loose and the Merry Ground Broke Down (2016) 2:45
The Russians are Here (2016) 5:00
The Drinking Song (2016) 3:00
Other Truths (Greece Underwater) (2019) 13:00

The Israel File is Corrupted (2017) 3:30

Goat's Head (US Version)  (2019)  7 minutes

Performed on one of the most dangerous beaches in the US.

Goats Head Mix (for Shalom)


Picture yourself in a skull cap flying kites against a marble sky. Birds fly out like suds along a pixie stick. Thoughts meander a restless wind stumbling blindly making their way across. Do you hear the winter star coming down into decadence into excess? It's the atmosphere of Obeah VooDoo.  It's California. Itself didn't take long. And myself recorded an awful lot.

            Aphrodisiac and delicious for the most part making the most out of parts most people discard.  Mannish water makes the bamboo strong. The man only the male called ram-goat legs head intestines testicles. Goats Head Soup Super Deluxe Unboxing Summersalt The Long Torso Marina Leopard lemon pimiento green banana pieces cut function zoom glitch eclipse. 

            Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Wheaties Jenner Jenner Visitor Center. Highly recommend on a nice day for a picnic or sunset view with surf and sea. Equally as lovely as the profusion of wildflowers. Also it was very cold and windy so dress warmly. Unlike Mick and the boys in makeup Marilyn Monroe see-thru fabric a bowl of stew with eyes. This landform is a sub-unit rip tide frequented by beachcombing mammals. There are restroom facilities a parking lot and picnic tables. Inciting inviting the binocular world an electric blender. Jai guru.


--in response to Goat's Head (Italian Version) 4:00

John Peffer, 2022, Art Historian