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GULLY'S PARADISE (2024) 96 minutes

Synopsis:  Gully Abrams is an old school bookie known for his empathic approach to his clients and stoic life style. In the final days of a distinguished career, he is confronted by Ai, legal online gambling, and a ruthless enemy.  We meet his frosty wife, Sarah, a Broadway actor; some of his clients and colleagues; and witness his confrontation with Mellow Mel Stein who orders Gully's execution.  A group of hackers gather in a surreal warehouse in the Meadowlands of New Jersey to destroy Mel's bank accounts and life. The film has a surprise ending.


The dialogue is improvised based on a script outline. There is considerable humor in the story with some stings of dramatic realism relating to addiction and co-dependency. Two of the actors have professional experience; the remaining cast is composed of friends who are poets, novelists, and others who wanted to be in a film.


There was no budget.  The film was shot on the Apple Pro Max 15 iPhone without lighting or sound accessories.  All sound track music is used with permission.

The film was produced almost entirely on the upper west side of Manhattan.  Two scenes were filmed on Columbia University's campus during the early days of the student protests.  Other scenes were created in the popular local gay bar Suite Tavern and the iconic Gotham Bar and Grill in Greenwich Village.


A film by Shalom Gorewitz

coproduced by John Foy


David M. Katz

Annette Fox, SAG

Stan Hoffman

John Foy

John Blahnik

Darko Dejanovski 

Meredith England

Josh Knoblich

Warner Wada

Lee Weinberg

Stephen Wisker

Rob Snyder

Charlie Morrow

Cassandra Bahr

Ann Barcan, SAG

Chaitanya Kadimisetty

Rachel Hadas

Bret Csencsitz     

Rob Medaska

Robert Medaska III

Alexander Medaska

Oliver Kisza

Jesse Rosser

Chris Foy

Catherine Foy

John Peffer

Susan Greenspan

Michael Joseph

Drone Pilot

Chris Foy

Special Thanks to:

Omonia Cafe

Suite Tavern/

Chaitanya Kadimisetty


Chander Malik

Gotham Bar and Grill/

Bret and Cassanra Csencsitz





From Nine Lives

James Merrill


The Gambler's Song

Rachel Hadas


On 34th Street

David M. Katz


She Spent her

kid's Inheritance



On Broadway

Claude McKay




By Muca Pazza

Live @ FMU

Used with permission

Tribe of Noise Production

En Roue Libre

By L’Esprit d’Sfign

Used with permission

Free Music Archive

Traditional Klezmer

Performed by G String Orchestra

Used with permission

About Me


Used with permission

Tribe of Noise

Arab Sadness

By Serge Quadrado

Used with permission

Tribe of Noise


The Mafia


Used with permission



Passing Fields

By Quantum

Used with permission


Blue Night


By Moby

Used with permission


By Cody Kurtz Martin

Used with permission


Walking Dead

by Mixkit

Used with permission

A Bright Tomorrow

By Dustin Ransom

Performed by  Cast of Characters

Used with permission


Rough Rider

By Brendan St. Gelais

Performed by Wastelander

Used with permission



Jersey Schlang

By Hoskins and Clark

Used with permission


Courteous Chaos

By Aaron Sprinkle

Performed by Lone Canyon

Used with permission


Hora Mittsibeles

By Alicia Svigals and Lauren Brody

Used with permission

Free Music Archive


By Dustin Ransom

Performed by Cast of Characters

Used with permission


It’s Your Destiny

By Adrian Dominic Walther

Performed by Moments

Used with permission


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