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The Rabbi in Berlin 12:00

Offering to Yemaya 6:00

Past Present 3:00

Hot Stains 4:30

Damaged Visions 9:00

Other Truths 13:00

Blue Swee 4:00

Run 4:00

Run is the exposure of the human conflict between the ill ambition for overpowering everything and the resilience resistance to it, between insatiable greed and the starvation. For some, another person’s death is only a number that ignore the love ones’ suffering, because that suffering is an extension of their joy, and for others for whom the born life is a treasure. How can something really horrible be expressed so beautifully without losing any of its reality? 

Shalom Gorewitz feels the pain of every human being and this profound feeling allows him to use words in search of meaning, to dissolve in new meanings, --art of textuality--, leads him to capture and select images with an eagle eye and pan the camera right to unveil and read images from the left, then, those motion layers intertwine just like reality. His free imagination flows in a visual poetry that absorbs us in it. There is a ballet of rhyme in Shalom’s imagery, rhymes that spark like music and parallels in texts. That’s the unique talent and virtue of Shalom Gorewitz. His videos are lessons on humanity, a warning of what turn humans into monsters and others into heroes; a lesson on the need of human coexistence, understanding and unity. - Franz Vila, Artist, Theorist

Goat's Head (Italian version) 4 :00

Picture yourself in a skull cap flying kites against a marble sky. Birds fly out like suds along a pixie stick. Thoughts meander a restless wind stumbling blindly making their way across. Do you hear the winter star coming down into decadence into excess? It's the atmosphere of Obeah VooDoo. It's California. Itself didn't take long. And myself recorded an awful lot.Aphrodisiac and delicious for the most part making the most out of parts most people discard. Mannish water makes the bamboo strong. The man only the male called ram-goat legs head intestines testicles. Goats Head Soup Super Deluxe Unboxing Summersalt The Long Torso Marina Leopard lemon pimiento green banana pieces cut function zoom glitch eclipse. Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Wheaties Jenner Jenner Visitor Center. Highly recommend on a nice day for a picnic or sunset view with surf and sea. Equally as lovely as the profusion of wildflowers. Also it was very cold and windy so dress warmly. Unlike Mick and the boys in makeup Marilyn Monroe see-thru fabric a bowl of stew with eyes. This landform is a sub-unit riptide frequented by beachcombing mammals. There are restroom facilities a parking lot and picnictables. Inciting inviting the binocular world an electric blender. Jai guru.--John Peffer, Art Historian

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