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Loup Garou: Cast (in order of appearance)


Julia O'Toole                           Bonnie Mac

Peter Johnson                         Jude Coleman

Eddie Garcia                           Constable Gardner      

Stephen Wisker                      Nigel Johnson

Christopher Haggett               Sports Store Owner

Elena Jara-Williams                 Sarahrose Blake

Jessica Jara-Williams             Pregnant Woman       

Janet Holden                           Old Woman

Marty Gil                                 Son

Eva Holden                              Daughter

Joe Godwin                             Farmer Joe

Barry Glick                               Farmer Barry   

Melanie Doherty                     Abbey Edwards

Rachel Hadas                          Ovid Expert

Calvin Longe                            Farmer Luke

Madeleine Winfield                Pagan Friend

Melinda Mason                       Woman in the car

Dave Young                             Father Coleman          

Cindy Young                            Mother Coleman

Sean Morgan                          Jude's Stepbrother

JT Dodge                                 Dr. Nicholls

Susan Montague                     Reporter

Julie Knight                             Mrs. Pembroke

Michael Farrand                     Pastor Matthews

Ursula Malabre Speichern      Woman in Crowd

Autumn Chamberlain             Market Singer

Carlinne DeLima                     Woman in Crowd

Michael Barros                        Man in Crowd

Meg Kistin Anzalone               Woman in Crowd

Eric Knight                               Man in Crowd




Of Wolf and Man                     Metallica

Menace Ultimo                        Ben Neill

Lightning Crashes                    Live

Lonely                                      The Lovin' Spoonful

Walking Down the Country     Shuggie Otis

I Wanna Run                           Autumn Chamberlain

Alpha Dub                               Ben Neill

Forging the Beast                    Johann Johansson

Hey, Jude                                 Lennon/McCartney

Performed by Wilson Pickett


Assistant Director

Elena Jara-Williams


Puppet Fabrication and Performance

Julia O'Toole


Additional Camerawork

Jessica Jara-Williams


Production Assistant and 

NEK FLIX Animation

Sean Morgan


Special thanks to


St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

St. Johnsbury Police

SMD Outdoors/ St. Michael's Defense

Boxcar and Caboose Bookstore

Eastern and Main Market Deli

Primal Botanical

Limbo Line Genuine Jamaican


Produced in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, July 2022


Recorded on Canon XA11 Camcorder

Edited on Mini Mac using Final Cut Pro


Note:  Participation in this project was voluntary.  No one was paid.  There was no budget or support by public or private funding agencies.

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