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I've grouped work on Vimeo into several categories: Artivist have themes relating to politics, the environment, and social issues. The Color Studies are abstract and are meant to be played as ambient moving images on large screen televisions or projectors.  The Haiti related videos are based on personal experiences there.  The Elegy for Stivenson Magloire has been a project that Edouard Eloi and I were obsessed since the great artist's assassination in 1994.  The poetry collaborations with Rachel Hadas include a commission for the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum in Vermont, a ritual for the West African deity Yemaya, and a variety of other work.

Art Video



The Twins

Run and Hot Stains

Davida and Gunlioth

The Nuts Got Loose and the Merry Go Round Broke Down

The Russians Are Here

Drinking Song

Tina's Favorite Song

Thrashing (2005)

Other Truths (Greece Under Water)

Devotion (1995) 9:30

The Rabbi in Berlin (2006) 12:00

After the Storm (1988) 10:00


After 9-11: The Ambiguous Coil

Clouds are Mountains

3 videos about color and love

US Sweat (1982) 15:00

Ten Thousand Things (1992) 12:00

Haiti Related

Elegy for Stivenson Magloire (festival version)

The Last Tourist

Haiti, Adieu

Back Seat Driving in Motorcycle City


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