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Gully's Paradise

Synopsis:  Gully Abrams is an old school bookie known for his empathic approach to his clients and stoic life style. In the final days of a distinguished career, he is confronted by Ai, legal online gambling, and a ruthless enemy.  We meet his frosty wife, Sarah, a Broadway actor; some of his clients and colleagues; and witness his confrontation with Mellow Mel Stein who orders Gully's execution.  A group of hackers gather in a surreal warehouse in the Meadowlands of New Jersey to destroy Mel's bank accounts and life. The film has a surprise ending.


The dialogue is improvised based on a script outline. There is considerable humor in the story with some stings of dramatic realism relating to addiction and co-dependency. Two of the actors have professional experience; the remaining cast is composed of friends who are poets, novelists, and others who wanted to be in a film.


There was no budget.  The film was shot on the Apple Pro Max 15 iPhone without lighting or sound accessories.  All sound track music is used with permission.

The film was produced almost entirely on the upper west side of Manhattan.  Two scenes were filmed on Columbia University's campus during the early days of the student protests.  Other scenes were created in the popular local gay bar Suite Tavern and the iconic Gotham Bar and Grill in Greenwich Village.



Films created between 2020-2023 by an ensemble of filmmakers living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The films are plotted, but all of the dialogue is improvised.  There is a one person film crew and editor. Themes include plight of returning citizens, mortality, forgiveness, and protecting the environment, as well as a satirical inside look at the fundraising and conceptional development of a new movie.

That's Life (2023) 70 minutes a teenage girl dies from fentanyl overdose unleashing a vigilante crusade against drug dealers in a small Vermont town.

Days of Atonement (2020) 56 minutes a convicted murderer is released from prison after fifty years.

Loup Garou (2022) 58 minutes a werewolf movie about a town torn between superstition and science.

The Ballad of Arcady and The Hawk (2021) 29 minutes a story about a fugitive environmental radical.

A Night at Goodfellas (2021) 22 minutes a satire about fundraising for films

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