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Films created between 2020-2023 by an ensemble of filmmakers living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The films are plotted, but all of the dialogue is improvised.  There is a one person film crew and editor. Themes include plight of returning citizens, mortality, forgiveness, and protecting the environment, as well as a satirical inside look at the fundraising and conceptional development of a new movie.

That's Life (2023) 70 minutes a teenage girl dies from fentanyl overdose unleashing a vigilante crusade against drug dealers in a small Vermont town.

Days of Atonement (2020) 56 minutes a convicted murderer is released from prison after fifty years.

Loup Garou (2022) 58 minutes a werewolf movie about a town torn between superstition and science.

The Ballad of Arcady and The Hawk (2021) 29 minutes a story about a fugitive environmental radical.

A Night at Goodfellas (2021) 22 minutes a satire about fundraising for films

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