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DTTV: Dystrumpia Television

Video reactions to the election and administration of Trump.

"It's a vibrant and dynamic and efficient piece of work, and a fitting homage to Kenneth Anger. Talk about irony! There's at least a double meaning to the title, and the concept of what's it like "after anger"--what a perspective on these times might reveal after our anger has receded--is really intriguing. And I loved the soundtrack--I'm still crazy about the songs of sixties girl's groups, as well as surf guitar. I think it worked brilliantly with the bright colors and the speed of the editing. It was funny, but also satirical, richly commenting in a number of ways--cackling teenage music in the face of the Trumpian apocalypse, innocence in the face noxious adult behavior, the lemming-like song of the Magaists in the form of Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him."  That was really a funny sequence, with the men in black suits accompanying the metal-haired one through what looks like a coffin factory."

-David Katz, Poet, Journalist


Three short videos created after the 2016 presidential election.

The Nuts Got Loose and the Merry Ground Broke Down (2016) 2:45
The Russians are Here (2016) 5:00
The Drinking Song (2016) 3:00
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