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Recent Selected Videos

Examples of work from YouTube channel including 3d animation, narrative, and music videos about social issues.

Past Present (2009) 4:00

Shattered Hebrew letters over simulated 3d mountain landscape.

The Rabbi in Berlin (2006) 10:00

Unspeaken subjects: Israel defeated; a ghost observing his father and daughter.

Hot Stains (2008) 3:00

Information about Hot Stains. places without clean water, superimposed over local waterways.

Psalm 121 (iShiviti) (2006) 3:00

Favorite psalm with images of dwindling vestiges of Jewish life on lower east side.

Sign Off  (1981) 3:00

Commissioned USA Cable Network sign off after the Nightflight Show with Jimi Hendrix version of US National Anthem.

Pray for Me (2014) 8:00 version

Legendary rock star wrote and performs a song about his impending death.

The Color of Silence


2 minutes


Recorded in Ansa Borrego, California

Countless Reasons


19 minutes

Sound or Silent

Based on drawings

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